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Hang Trong Folk Art Exhibition Tour

Explore the Rich Culture of Hang Trong Folk Art at Smarana Hanoi Heritage Hotel

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Vietnam is a country rich in history and culture, especially in terms of art. One of the unique traditional art lines is the Hang Trong folk paintings, which are famous for their vibrant colors and distinctive style. If you are a lover of art and culture, then the Smarana Hanoi Heritage hotel is the perfect destination to explore the beauty of Hang Trong folk art.

This tour takes you on a journey through the large collection of over 70 Hang Trong folk paintings, all created by the talented artist Lê Đình Nghiên, the last heir of this art line. In this blog, we invite you to learn more about this unique art tour at Smarana Hanoi Heritage hotel and the fascinating story behind it.

Hang Trong Folk Art - a brief history

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Hang Trong Folk Art – a brief history: Hang Trong Folk Art originated from a popular kind of folk art in the Red River Delta in Vietnam, which emerged around the 17th century. This style of art showcased the admiration of Vietnamese people for the beauty of landscapes, national heroes, and religious figures. The Hang Trong paintings are characterized by vibrant colors, simplistic compositions, and the use of native materials to create textures.

Dedication of Artist Lê Đình Nghiên

artist Le Dinh Nghien at Smarana Hanoi Heritage

Mr. Lê Đình Nghiên was the last heir to the Hang Trong art line, and his contributions helped to revive the art form. He inherited the knowledge and techniques from his grandfather and father, who were also famous for their folk paintings, and devoted his life to continuing the tradition. Guided by the philosophy of “learning from the past to nourish the future,” he continued to experiment and innovate, creating new designs and motifs that still retained the spirit of Hang Trong paintings.

Touring the Hang Trong Folk Paintings at Smarana Hanoi Heritage Hotel

hang trong art tour at smarana hanoi hotel

When you visit the Smarana Hanoi Heritage hotel, you can enjoy a guided tour of the Hang Trong gallery, where you can admire the unique paintings created by Lê Đình Nghiên. Among the paintings featured, the largest one available, measuring over five meters wide is the letter “Phúc” – which means blessing, containing the figures of twenty-four filial exemplars. This painting is a masterpiece of Hang Trong art, with intricate details, vibrant colors, and a profound meaning of filial piety.

The Story behind Smarana Hanoi Heritage Hotel

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The Smarana Hanoi Heritage hotel is a place where you can experience not only the art but the history. The hotel’s founder, Mrs. Do Thi Tuyet Hanh, was inspired to create the hotel after realizing the need to preserve and promote the Hang Trong folk art. She wanted to create a space where Vietnamese art and culture could thrive and be appreciated by both locals and international visitors. Through the hotel’s exceptional service, elegant designs, and warm ambiance, guests can experience Vietnamese hospitality while enjoying the charming beauty of the traditional paintings.