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Explore Vietnam's Culture through our Morning Workshops

At Smarana Hanoi Heritage, we offer a range of exciting and immersive activities for our guests to experience the unique beauty of Vietnamese culture. From the elegant Vietnamese tea ceremony to the exquisite Nhật Bình costume show, our daily activities are designed to showcase the rich heritage of this wonderful country.


Create your own Hang Trong’s artwork

10AM - 11.30AM | Thu & Sun

Were you immediately taken aback by our lounge’s collection of Hang Trong artworks? To further impress yourself, let’s try doing an artistic one on your own!  

In this activity, following the guide, you will be able to add your own ink strokes and color to the designs on “Dó” paper, which is printed from the woodblock carved by artist Le Dinh Nghien – the last remaining heir of this folk art movement.

Singing Bowl - Vibration of the East

11AM - 11.30AM | Fri

You are welcome to attend a Therapy Performance that Le Paon Spa’s therapist  demonstrates, so that you may have a better approach of how the Singing Bowl Treatment works. 

Egg Coffee Art Performance: A Sip Of Hanoi

11am - 11.30am | Tue - Sat

In addition to the standard method of heating the yolk using heat, Smarana’s barista will bring you a sophisticated approach to heat the egg yolk: using vodka. If you are a coffee lover who is also interested in experiencing some of Hanoi’s cultural icons through your taste buds, this creamy & bitter workshop was designed to welcome you!

Nhat Binh Costume Mini Show

11AM - 11.30AM | Wed

Smarana would like to have you join us at a Mini Costume Show that will highlight the Nguyen dynasty court customs and provide detailed directions on how to dress in the elaborate and refined Nhat Binh costume. You will also have a chance to try dressing your finest Nhat Binh and snapping some shots as a memento after the show.

Vietnam In A Teacup

11AM - 11.30AM | Mon

An unforgettable adventure into the world of Tra Dao, the art of brewing the distinctive teas of the Vietnamese North, and sipping warming tea from the Chen Khai – a traditional brewing vessel with a storied history in Vietnam.


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