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Create Your Own Hang Trong Artwork

Create your own Hang Trong artwork

Searching for a unique and cultural experience in Vietnam? Look no further than the chance to create your own Hang Trong artwork workshop with Smarana Hanoi Heritage hotel! 

Hang Trong folk art is known for its bright colors, traditional scenes, and detailed brush strokes that bring the artwork to life. Although there is only one artist left who still practices this art form, Mr. Le Dinh Nghien, the legacy of Hang Trong continues to inspire new creativity in the present day. In fact, one example of this inspired creativity is the Smarana Hanoi Heritage Hotel, which was built with the Hang Trong art style as its inspiration.

The History of Hang Trong Folk Art

hang trong painting in street

The art of Hang Trong originated in Hanoi during the 16th century. This art form has been passed down through generations of artists who specialize in creating traditional Lunar New Year decorations, including banners, scrolls, and paintings. The art of Hang Trong was once a staple of the Lunar New Year celebrations, and it played an important part in the cultural identity of Hanoi. Over time, however, the popularity of Hang Trong began to decline as modernization and globalization had a significant impact on the traditional arts.

The Style of Hang Trong Folk Art

Hang Trong is known for its use of bold colors and detailed line work. The colors used in Hang Trong paintings are often bright and vibrant, with reds, greens, blues, and golds being the most commonly used colors. The main subjects of these paintings are often traditional scenes such as landscapes, animals, and people. These scenes are depicted in a way that is both detailed and simplistic, with the artists focusing on the essence of the subject rather than the intricate details. The brush strokes in Hang Trong paintings are often bold and confident, adding an element of movement and energy to the work.

The Legacy of Hang Trong

Artist Le Dinh Nghien

The legacy of Hang Trong art is still alive today, albeit in a different form. The only artist left who still practices this art form is Mr. Le Dinh Nghien, who is a master of the traditional techniques used in Hang Trong painting. Mr. Nghien has dedicated his life to the preservation of this cultural legacy, and he has inspired many other artists to follow in his footsteps. His works are a testament to the beauty and significance of Hang Trong art, and they serve as a reminder of the importance of preserving traditional art forms.

Inspiration in the Present Day: Smarana Hanoi Heritage Hotel

One of the ways that Hang Trong art has inspired new creativity in the present day is through the creation of the Smarana Hanoi Heritage Hotel. This hotel was built with the Hang Trong art style as its inspiration, and it features traditional scenes and motifs that are reminiscent of the classic Hang Trong paintings. The hotel also features many original works of art by Mr. Le Dinh Nghien, which serve as a showcase of his talent and dedication to this art form. The Smarana Hanoi Heritage Hotel is a great example of how traditional art forms can continue to inspire new works of creativity in the modern era.

What does this workshop offer

smarana create your own hang trong artwork

This wonderful workshop introduces participants to one of Vietnam’s iconic traditional art lines – Hang Trong folk art. Participants will gain first-hand insight into this captivating traditional art form by admiring authentic paintings created by artist Le Dinh Nghien – the last of its lineage. They’ll learn more about the unique meaning behind these stunning works of art, as well as discover the deep connection it has with Vietnam’s unique culture.
We provide all attendees with detailed guidance to ensure they can create their own piece on “Dó” paper. Uncover unparalleled creativity and spark joy in your heart by discovering this unique Vietnamese style of art while staying with us!

Explore the beauty of this ancient Vietnamese art movement, intimate yourself in an unforgettable artistic journey, and make memories that will last you a lifetime.